Career Options for students doing/done BCA/MCA/B.Sc(CS)/B.TECH(CS)


Many students desire to do some course in parallel and many of them wants to do after completing their graduation. A lot of rush is going to IT industries these days. If you want to stand somewhere you should have something extra. This is reality that students do not getting in-depth details and skills in colleges because the main aim of the students and lecturers is to pass the exam. They only read books or sample papers to pass exams. They do not have practical knowledge. Here I am going to list some professional course from which you can choose one of your interest…

1. Programming
2. Animation
3. Web-designing/developing
4. Network Engineer/Administrator
5. System administrator
6. Security Administrator/Engineer/Analyst/Tester

1. Programming

When it comes to programming, there are lots of area where you can get specializations like C, C++, .Net, Java, Mysql, Oracle/Sybase/DB2 are some of the famous one certs.
C & C++ cert is organized by borland and its one of the all time best cert in demand.

Java is sun properietory and the basic exam of java is SCJP(Sun Certified Java Professional) which requires no prior experience. After that there is arch. exam with 2 yrs exprience and so on.

.Net SDK platform belongs to Microsoft where VC++ .NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, Visual Foxpro.NET etc comes. The exam is known as Microsoft Certified Software Developer(MCSD) and its also one of the hottest cert in market today.

Oracle by oracle corporation is one of the best and highly paid database administration cert.its known as OCP(Oracle Certified Professional). OCP’s are in very well demand today as after completing your BE/Btech/MCA along with OCP will make your path towards oracle company itself.

Sybase/DB2 are same database softwares like Oracle and keep same value as oracle.but comparatively oracle is having wide market and have better job opportunities.

2. Animation

Indian animation is increasing day by day as we all can see most of ad makers are using animated characters,slogans,graphics for enhancing their advertisements, movie hoarding till 3d enabled games all are part of animation. The job of animator is to drawing the models/world with creativity and strong enthusiasm. He will come across many of the mathematical complexities in between studies like coords, model programming etc. One should be very creative for choosing this.there are multiple things can be accomplished using animation like game level/model design,website dynamic content development, ad shooting etc. Some of the major tools uses in animation is Flash with action script, 3D Studio MAX, MAYA 3D, GMAX, Game Factory etc. but again its future concept & will take time to establish fully. The pay scale you can get after this course is around 10-20K per month(depends on the city).

3. Web-designing/developing

There are a lot of opportunities for web content developer/designer. Web developing can be done through easy-to-use GUI based tools or using hand-written programming or the conjunction of both. Today every company wants a website cause its the major marketing strategy to promote a business. Its very cheaper to for them to establish a website so website developers are also in very much demand.there are automated tools like Front-page, MS Word, Dreamweaver, Flash using that we can design a website in wizard or drag and drop fashion. But what I consider is to be perfect in programming cause sometime, something you may find is not appropriately place on site and can be edited through programming only. Everyone who wants to go further in this field, must lean HTML first. After it there are Javascript, VBScript, DHTML, CSS, XML,Java Applets, PHP, Perl, CGI etc. It depends up to how much level you want to learn the web developing. A fresher with the pace of speed and creativity can earn easily 10K per month.

4. Network Engineer/Administrator

Many of the freshers find programming a very hard task because of lack of guidance and proper programming stretegy. For them there is another line where they can make their future. Network engineer’s job is to monitor, troubleshoot, deploy, configure the networking devices like Routers, Switches, Gateways, Proxy servers etc. but before going into Network administration, one must be proficient with system administration skills. Some of certs which are widely known are Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCDP, CCIE-R & S/SAN/VOICE/DESIGN, Comptia Network+, juniper, fortinet, nokia etc. The average pay for fresher starts from 10K upto 12 lacs per annum.

5. System administrator

The role of system administrator is to create users, maintain users, deploying policies, updating/installing/patching/configuring systems and OS, deploying mail servers, proxy servers, File Transfer Servers etc. It needs hardware knowledge in advance. The job may include monitoring and performance the resource in organization and to take care critical resources. This area consist of certs from Microsoft & red hat certs commonly like MCSA(Microsoft Certified System Administrator), MCSE(Micorsoft Certified System Engineer), RHCE(Red Hat Certified Engineer)on RHEL(Linux) platform. The pay scale for both the cert certified people is good and you can get 10-30K per month.

6. Security Administrator/Engineer/Analyst/Tester

After gaining some experience in both networking and system or any of the one. You can go further in security administration. Security administration concise nearly 4 kind of things. Network Security, Information Security,System Security,Wireless Security. Now it depends on your interest which line you prefer.

Network security contains security designing/deploying/configuring/monitoring the network layer devices like Routers, Firewalls, IPS/IDS Systems, Web Servers & perimeter devices. There are numerous international vendor certificates are popular these days. Among them the giant one are Checkpoint, Fortinate/Fortigate, Cisco, Juniper, GIAC GCFW (Certified Firewall Analyst),GIAC GCIA (Certified Intrusion Analyst) are the best one.

If we talk about system & Information security then your job is quite technical. People who work with the security aspects are also known as White Hat Hackers(The Good Guys). Their job is to secure the company data/information. They are also known as Penetration testers, ethical hackers, Anti-hackers, system/information security consultant, application security consultant etc. Their job is to assess the vulnerability into security hole & penetrate into system with/without knowing the internal network structure. Thus by doing this, they visualize the attack same as real hacker but having legal boundation and after signing a NDA document. This way they are able to fix the security holes from where the real hacker can attack on network. Some of the certs in this field are EC CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker), Offensive Security’s OSCP(Offensive Security Certified Professional), CPTS(Certified Pen-testing Specialist), ECSA(Ec Council Certified Security Analyst), LPT(Licence Penetration Tester), GIAC GCIH (Certified Incident Handler), GIAC SANS Security 504(Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling), GIAC GISF (Information Security Fundamentals), GIAC GSEC (Security Essentials Certification), GIAC GWAPT (Web Application Penetration Tester), GIAC GCED (Certified Enterprise Defender), GIAC GCWN (Certified Windows Security Administrator), GIAC GCUX(Certified UNIX Security Administrator), GIAC GPEN (Certified Penetration Tester)


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